HAProxy ALOHA Load Balancer Load balancing DNS service

Target network diagram



The clients will use the DNS service on the IP

The ALOHA load balance traffic to the two DNS servers and

The ALOHA is configured in NAT mode using LVS/layer 4 load balancing service.

LB Layer 4 configuration

On the GUI, click on LB Layer 4 tab, then add the configuration below:

director dns
	balance roundrobin
	mode nat
	check timeout 2 interval 5
	option tcpcheck
	server server1 weight 10 check
	server server2 weight 10 check

Click on [OK], then [Apply].

Note: you need to allow TCP protocol on your DNS server for the health check.

LVS service configuration

If your lvs service is not configured to automatic startup when the Aloha boots up, then go in the Service tab of the GUI and click on the lvs setup icon.

If there is a line “no autostart”, then delete it.

Click on [OK] then [Close]

Then restart the lvs service by clicking on the restart icon.

Load balancing DNS service

This application note is intended to help you to configure the ALOHA virtual load balancer to load-balance Domain Name Servers (DNS).


Ensure high availability of a DNS service.

Reduce DNS resolution latency when the first DNS server is failing.


You must have at least 2 DNS servers.




v4.1 and later