The world's most highly trafficked sites trust HAProxy as their frontline defense to a myriad of attacks. HAProxy users receive the benefits of SSL with less hardware while reducing the number of services exposed to the Internet.

We detect and stop DDoS, Brute Force and SQL/XSS attacks. With our advanced logging, we identify intrusions and assure protocol compliance.

Reverse Proxy

Proxy all traffic from the Internet to your application servers through HAProxy, exposing only intended services and logging requests.

HTTP Validation

Validate that requests comply with the protocol specifications before sending them on to application servers.

Advanced Application-based DDoS Protection

Block requests from clients based on multiple metrics and criteria over a configurable time window.

Anomalous Behavior Protection

Combine multiple metrics about a client's behavior for smarter routing and access decisions.

Dynamic ACL Updates

Update ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files in memory normally loaded from disk during HAProxy startup during runtime.

Traffic Filtering

Use ACLs to detect any condition in HTTP(S) traffic and route or block the request as desired.

Antibot Module

Send a Javascript challenge to requests selected by ACL rules.


Present a Google reCAPTCHA v2 challenge to clients that exhibit anomalous traffic patterns.

Sanitize Module

Filter and verify that HTTP header names and contents comply with the HTTP specification.

Fingerprint Module

Generate a unique identifier based on a client request.

WAF Module

Enable the high-performance Web Application Firewall, which supports multiple modes including blacklist-based signature support, whitelist-only mode, and ModSecurity ruleset support.

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