Microservices architectures are increasingly becoming the standard for modern digital applications. The microservices approach creates challenges in delivering a multitude of services reliably and with bulletproof security. To meet these requirements, companies need a highly dynamic application delivery controller.

HAProxy is at the core of application delivery for some of the largest and most complex microservices architectures in the world and constantly releases new features to support these dynamic environments.


Utilize HAProxy’s RESTful Configuration or Runtime APIs to manipulate the configuration or runtime of your load balancer automatically and without risking impact to other services. With a pure software form factor, an easily templatable configuration, and dynamic reconfiguration through the Runtime API, HAProxy integrates well with DevOps tools such as Puppet or Ansible and service discovery tools such as Consul or ZooKeeper.


HAProxy can simplify the management and diagnosis of complex setups with easy control and advanced logging and metrics. A real time dashboard allows you to easily monitor your cluster’s status and identify failures without reloading and browsing around. Advanced logging includes timing for each stage of the request, details on why a specific request failed, custom fields, and more.


Advanced SSL/TLS stack supports latest security features and offers great performance, eliminating the need for expensive hardware accelerators. Authentication using client certificates allows you to manage all your authentication in a central place and offload the logic from your application.


HAProxy can use a wide variety of rules to route traffic to various microservice endpoints. HAProxy helps you with any release strategy including blue/green deployments and canary releases. With features such as the PROXY protocol, HAProxy is well suited to complex environments with multiple levels of load balancers and complex routing decisions.


Changes to the HAProxy configuration and even upgrades of HAProxy can be safely performed with no impact to traffic.


Add, remove, or change backend servers without reloading HAProxy. By using the HAProxy Runtime API and the server templates feature, you can read backends from DNS, a REST API (such as from Consul), or any other source and update them in HAProxy without reloading.


With a wide variety of health check options and configurable timeouts, one can ensure that requests are only sent to backends which are operating properly. With the ability to track server responses and mark servers unhealthy if the errors reach a threshold any problems will be detected immediately.

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