High Availability

By controlling traffic during load spikes, crashes or server maintenance, HAProxy application load balancing solutions ensure that online services and applications are always available.

Advanced Health Checks

Passive and active health checks increase flexibility when it comes to monitoring the health of backend servers. Agent checks provide advanced control allowing a server to set its own maximum connection limits and weight based on server load and can integrate with a centralized service for removing servers for maintenance/upgrades.

Slow Start

Slowly increases the rate of new sessions sent to a backend when it comes up instead of sending the normal weight all at once.

Slow Stop

Stops sending new requests to a backend, but still allows sticky sessions to continue to use that backend.

Traffic Overload Protection

Limits the maximum number of connections assigned to backends, either sending them to other backends or queuing the requests in HAProxy if that limit is reached.

Hitless Reloads

Reloads of HAProxy do not lose any connections for upgrades or changes to the configuration.

Route Health Injection (RHI)

An optimized version of a third party software that allows for the control of routing protocol announcements based on the health of the network and the HAProxy service for active/active clustering.


Optimized version of the keepalived daemon for active/passive clustering.

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