Application Acceleration

Many of the world's most highly regarded brands trust HAProxy to give them the flexibility and confidence of highly available, secure and accelerated delivery of their websites and applications.

With high performance SSL offloading, advanced timings, high performance lookup maps, HTTP compression, device detection and HTTP routing; HAProxy does much more than balance traffic.

High Performance SSL/TLS

Terminates SSL/TLS on the HAProxy server, optionally establishing an SSL/TLS connection to the backend server.

Advanced SSL Algorithm Selection

Automatically picks the optimal certificate for a given client out of ECC and RSA.

HTTP/2 Support

Support for clients to communicate with the load balancer via the HTTP/2 protocol.


Splits processing across multiple threads while sharing the same memory space.

Small Object Caching

Small object caching is a handy feature for web application acceleration. Its main objective is to offload some of static content delivery from the application servers so they can perform their primary duty - delivering the application.

Connection Buffering

Buffers responses from backends and close the backend connection, leaving HAProxy to send the rest of the data to the client.


Compresses HTTP responses from backends before passing the response on to the client.

GeoIP Support

Allows for loading GeoIP databases from multiple vendors into HAProxy for advanced request handling, routing, and for passing the information on to the application servers. Provides live updating of GeoIP databases from a central location.

Device Detection

Gets information about a client by passing the user-agent string to one of HAProxy's supported device detection databases.

Backend Connections Reduction

Uses idle connections to backends to service requests from multiple clients.

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