Application Acceleration

Many of the world’s most highly regarded brands trust HAProxy to give them the flexibility and confidence of highly available, secure and accelerated delivery of their websites and applications.

With high performance SSL offloading, advanced timings, high performance lookup maps, HTTP compression, device detection and HTTP routing; HAProxy does much more than balance traffic.

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SSL/TLS offloading

Offload SSL/TLS from your application servers with unparalleled SSL stack of HAProxy to save resources and improve performance.



Enable HTTP response compression on the load balancer, enabling your clients to faster download your website without burdening your application servers.


Geo Location

Provide geo-location using any database on the market and help your application serve the correct localization or targeted offers.


Device Identification

Use a centralized place to inform your application of the type of device accessing. Use 51Degrees, Device Atlas or WURFL, without burdening your application servers.


Connection Reuse

Reuse idle connections to the backend to serve new clients, speeding up the session establishment time and saving resources on both the load balancer and the application server.


Static content separation

By clever HTTP routing, separate static from dynamic content, saving on resources while gaining on performance.

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