HAProxy Enterprise

The World’s Fastest, and Most Widely Used Software Load Balancer

HAProxy Enterprise is the industry’s leading software load balancer. It powers modern application delivery at any scale and in any environment, providing the utmost performance, observability and security.

HAProxy Enterprise
HAProxy Enterprise

HAProxy Enterprise

The World’s Fastest Software Load Balancer

HAProxy Enterprise is the industry’s leading software load balancer. It powers modern application delivery at any scale and in any environment, providing the utmost performance, observability and security.

HAProxy Enterprise Success Stories

Load Balancing
Service Mesh

Key Capabilities

HAProxy - Load Balancing

Load Balancing & High Availability

  • Active/Active (BGP/OSPF/RIP)
  • Active/Passive (VRRP)
  • Layers 4 – 7
  • Protocols: HTTP, HTTP/2, gRPC, FastCGI, Syslog, Financial Information eXchange (FIX), MQTT
  • Layer 4 & 7 Retries
  • Complex Routing Decisions
  • Multiple Deployment Patterns
HAProxy - Administration


  • Flexible Service Discovery
  • Runtime API (In-memory API)
  • Data Plane API (RESTful API)
  • Zero Downtime Reloads
  • Real-time Dashboard
HAProxy - Application Acceleration

Application Acceleration

  • SSL Offloading
  • HTTP Compression
  • Connection Pooling
  • Small Object Cache
HAProxy - Security


  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Least Privileged Architecture
  • Multilayered Security
  • Advanced SSL/TLS
  • Client Certificate Authentication
HAProxy - Observability


  • Native Prometheus Integration
  • SNMP
  • Advanced Logging
  • End-to-end Request Timing
  • OpenTracing

Manage all your HAProxy Enterprise instances from a single UI/API with HAProxy Fusion Control Plane.

With Fusion, you get:


Centralized management of your load balancer infrastructure

From small, single cluster labs to large, production environments, Fusion supports HAProxy Enterprise deployments of any size. Administrators can manage multiple fleets of load balancers, regardless of whether they’re deployed on-premises or in the cloud.


Self-service application delivery

AppDev teams need the autonomy to configure load balancing, security, and observability for their applications without opening a ticket. Fusion hides the complexity of the underlying infrastructure from developers who benefit from a simpler set of options, but still provides advanced features for admins.


A first-class API

Teams often need to integrate HAProxy Enterprise with continuous-delivery pipelines and automated workflows. The Fusion API, which is built on top of the OpenAPI Specification, enables developers to integrate custom applications with the load balancing tier, unlocking the ability to automate common tasks.


Features for Operations, AppDev, and Security teams

Centralized management for Operations, self-service for Application Developers, and multi-layered security features for Security pros: HAProxy Fusion Control Plane bridges Dev, Sec, and Ops. Security features include a built-in WAF (web application firewall).


HAProxy Enterprise Features

HAProxy Enterprise


Rigorously Tested Core | Certified Packages

High-performance Modules

Web Application Firewall | Bot Management | Real-time Dashboard | Device Detection | Geolocation | Cluster-wide Tracking | DNS Load Shedding | Streaming Metrics | HTTP API | Traffic Mirroring

Expert Support

24x7x365 Support

Specialized Scripts and Tools

Active-Passive Clustering (Optimized VRRP) | SNMP Metrics | Route Health Injection (RHI) | Ansible Playbook

Supported Environments

HAProxy - Ubuntu
HAProxy - Suse
HAProxy - RedHat
HAProxy - CentOS
HAProxy - Debian
HAProxy - Oracle Linux
HAProxy - Photon
HAProxy - FreeBSD
HAProxy - AWS
HAProxy - Microsoft Azure
HAProxy - Docker

Main Features of HAProxy Enterprise

Load Balancer

Comprehensive Load Balancing Methods

Load balance by round robin, least connections, URI, IP address and several hashing methods.

Advanced Routing Decisions

Send requests to specific application clusters based on URL, domain name, file extension, client IP address, health state of backends, number of active connections, SSL client certificate, and more.


Maintain users' sessions based on TCP/IP information or any property of the HTTP request (cookies, headers, URI, and more).

Extensive ACL System

Make advanced decisions based on any TCP/IP information or HTTP attribute with full logical operator support.

LUA Scripting Support

Extend and customize HAProxy with Lua scripts that have access to the request/response pipeline.

Security Layer

Reverse Proxy

Proxy all traffic from the Internet to your application servers through HAProxy, exposing only intended services and logging requests.

HTTP Validation

Validate that requests comply with the protocol specifications before sending them on to application servers.

Advanced Application-based DDoS Protection

Block requests from clients based on multiple metrics and criteria over a configurable time window.

Anomalous Behavior Protection

Combine multiple metrics about a client's behavior for smarter routing and access decisions.

Traffic Filtering

Use ACLs to detect any condition in HTTP(S) traffic and route or block the request as desired.

Search Engine Verification

Check the authenticity of any client that claims to be a search engine crawler and enforce response policies against those it categorizes as phony. The verification is performed in the background in real-time so that legitimate web crawlers are not blocked.

Web Application Firewall

Enable the high-performance Web Application Firewall, which supports multiple modes including blacklist-based signature support, whitelist-only mode, and ModSecurity ruleset support.

Dynamic ACL Updates

Updates ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files in memory normally loaded from disk during HAProxy startup during runtime.

JavaScript Challenge

[Updates ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files in memory normally loaded from disk during HAProxy startup during runtime.]


Present a Google reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 challenge to clients that exhibit anomalous traffic patterns.

Client Fingerprinting

Generate a unique identifier based on a client request.

Application Acceleration

High Performance SSL/TLS

Terminate TLS on the HAProxy load balancer, optionally establishing a TLS connection to the backend server for end-to-end encryption.

Advanced SSL Algorithm Selection

Automatically pick the optimal certificate for a given client, enabling simultaneous use of ECC and RSA.

HTTP/2 Support

Accelerate end-to-end communication using the HTTP/2 protocol.


Route and load balance gRPC calls between services, taking advantage of its efficient, binary serialization.


Split processing across multiple threads while sharing the same memory space.

Object Caching

Offload static content delivery from your application servers so they can perform their primary duty—delivering the application.

Connection Pooling

Reuse idle connections between HAProxy and your backend servers to save time.


Reduce bandwidth usage by compressing HTTP responses from backends before passing them on to clients.

Geolocation Support

Load geolocation databases from multiple vendors into HAProxy for advanced request handling, routing, and for passing information on to your application servers. Includes live updating of databases.

Device Intelligence

Gets information about a client by passing the user-agent string to one of HAProxy’s supported device detection databases.

High Availability

Traffic Shadowing

Mirror requests from one environment to another for testing new features.

Hitless Reloads

Eliminate lost connections. Reloads of HAProxy Enterprise do not lose any connections during upgrades or changes to the configuration.

Route Health Injection (RHI)

An optimized version of a third party software that allows for the control of routing protocol announcements based on the health of the network and the HAProxy service for active/active clustering.


An optimized version of the keepalived daemon for active/passive clustering.

Advanced Health Checks

Gain flexibility when monitoring your backend servers with both active and passive health checks. You can also deploy Agent software to remotely push state changes to HAProxy from your monitored servers.

Slow Start

Slowly increase the rate of new sessions sent to a backend when it comes up instead of sending traffic all at once.

Slow Stop

Drain requests from servers, while allowing users to finish their sessions.

Traffic Overload Protection

Limit the maximum number of connections assigned to application servers, either sending them to other server clusters or queuing the requests in HAProxy if that limit is reached.


Runtime API

Programmatically pull data from or make changes to HAProxy during runtime.

DNS for Service Discovery

Dynamically scale the number of application servers by querying a service registry over DNS.

Dynamic Server Creation and Management

Provision multiple application servers with a single server line to be filled in during runtime.

Extensive Logging

Log information about requests, with support for syslog and cloud-native logging.

Data Plane API

Programmatically add, modify or remove sections of your configuration using the HTTP API.

Real-time Dashboard

View your services' health, traffic rates, and load aggregated across multiple load balancer instances. Administer enabling, disabling and draining of backends.

Cluster-wide Tracking

Provides realtime aggregated values from stick tables across multiple processes or servers in a cluster which allows for realtime cluster-wide tracking

SSO Module

Enable Single sign-on (SSO) on a Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Technical Support

Authoritative Experts

The team which is authoritative on HAProxy.

Knowledgable in Linux, Networking, and HAProxy

No need to worry about searching documentation again.


Proactive team will identify and resolve your issues before you even notice them.

24x7x365 Availability

Premium 24/7 support available.

Follow-The-Sun Support Model

Unparalleled Versatility

HAProxy Versatility

Unparalleled Versatility

HAProxy Versatility