Enterprise Edition

HAProxy Enterprise Edition allows customers to take full advantage of HAProxy, a world renowned load balancer, and software application delivery controller, combined with enterprise-class features, services, and premium support.

HAProxy Enterprise Edition is a powerful product tailored to your enterprise goals, requirements, and infrastructure.

HAProxy Enterprise Edition

Annual Subscription Includes:

HAProxy Enterprise Application Delivery Controller

HAProxy Community

(Stable Branch)

Backported Features

(From Development Branch)
Hitless Reloads/Upgrades

Module Support

Enterprise Suite

Specialized Tools and Scripts

Configuration API (CLI and REST) 
Real Time Dashboard
Stick Table Aggregator

High Performance Modules

Update | Antibot | Sanitize
Fingerprint | WAF Offloader
Advanced WAF

Supported & Optimized Third Party Software

Route Health Injection (RHI) 

Technical Support

HAProxy Enterprise Edition Business

(Business Hours)

HAProxy Enterprise Edition Premium

(Available 24/7)

Main Features of HAProxy Enterprise Edition

Load Balancing

  • Comprehensive LB Methods

    Basic and advanced LB methods including static and weighted round-robin, weighted least connection, client IP or URI-hash based
  • Advanced Routing Decisions

    Route requests on multiple properties on any layer – from IP all the way to the application. Examples include IP address, TCP ports, SSL information or HTTP path components and many more
  • Stickiness/Persistence
    Multiple persistence based on TCP/IP information (client IP, port or TCP payload) or any property of HTTP request (cookies, headers, URI, etc.)
  • Extensive ACL System
    Extensive ACL system with support for making decisions based on any TCP/IP information or HTTP property
  • LUA Scripting Support
    LUA scripting allows you to extend load balancing functionality in almost any way

High Availability

  • Advanced Health Checks

    Multiple advanced health checking options including complex HTTP requests, agent-checks, external scripts and more
  • Slow Stop/Start Support

    Graceful server shutdown (drain) and startup (slow start)
  • Traffic Overload Protection

    Protects backends against overloading and handles requests with queues
  • Route Health Injection (RHI)

    An optimized version of a third party software that allows for the control of routing protocol announcement based on the health of the network and the HAPEE service for active/active clustering.
  • VRRP

    An optimized version of a third party software that allows for better interaction between HAPEE and the VRRP protocol on switches for active/passive clustering.

Application Acceleration

  • High Performance SSL

    High-performance SSL/TLS enhances security, accelerates page loads and reduces backend demands
  • Advanced SSL Algorithm Selection

    Automatic selection of ECC or RSA allows you to have all the efficiency of ECC without any of the risk or complexity
  • Compression

    HTTP compression support to offload backend servers
  • GeoIP Support

    A high-performance map-driven engine allows you to do GeoIP or other database lookups in HAProxy with millions of entries with negligible performance impact
  • Device Detection

    Support for multiple device detection libraries makes it possible to make decisions on the load balancer level as well as deliver the best device data for your backend application to use
  • Connection Buffering

    Support for accelerating TCP/HTTP requests with buffering
  • Backend Connections Reduction

    Ability to share idle connections between clients to improve performance and lessen the load on backend servers.


  • Reverse Proxy
    Having a reverse proxy protects your infrastructure from probing and attacks
  • HTTP Validation
    Validates that the request is in full compliance with HTTP standards, protecting the backend from unknown threats
  • Application-based DDoS Protection
    Provides application-based DDoS protection
  • Anomalous Behavior Protection
    Brute force/scraping protection
  • Dynamic ACL Updates
    Dynamic management of whitelists, blacklists and URL restrictions
  • Traffic Filtering
    Filtering of any element of HTTP/HTTPS request or response
  • Antibot Module
    Send JavaScript challenges to suspicious clients to help distinguish between a real user and an automated bot
  • Fingerprint Module
    Efficiently separate real search engines from DDoS bots pretending to be search engine
  • Sanitize Module
    Filter and verify HTTP headers to ensure application security
  • WAF Offloader Module
    Detect and protect your sites against SQL injection and XSS attacks
  • Advanced WAF Module 
    High-performance whitelist-based WAF module allows for a very high level of protection for even the most insecure web applications


  • Runtime API
    Allows viewing load balancer information and statistics as well as performing administrative actions such as adding/removing servers, updating server IP address and port information, ACLs, maps, TLS keys, and state
  • Configuration API (CLI and REST)
    Create or update the configuration on both the command line and over HTTP with multi-tenant support to keep your services separate
  • Extensive Logging
    Built-in advanced logging features to offload backend servers and provide useful insight into the timing events of each request
  • Client IP Forwarding in TCP Mode
    PROXY protocol support allows forwarding the client IP to backends for TCP servers such as MySQL as well as receiving information from other proxies
  • SNMP
    Integrate statistics not only about HAProxy but also about the frontends and backends it services into many popular graphing/monitoring tools
  • Real Time Dashboard
    Provides a view of your services’ health, rates and load along with aggregation of stats across multiple instances. In addition, it facilitates administrative tasks such as enabling, disabling and draining backends. Tasks can also be automated.
  • Update Module (LB and TLS)
    Update maps, ACLs and TLS ticket keys automatically during runtime from any HTTP server
  • Stick Table Aggregator
    Aggregate view of in memory counters across your whole load balancing infrastructure allows you to define cluster wide tracking policies that efficiently detect problematic or malicious behavior


  • Authoritative
    The team which is authoritative on HAProxy
  • Knowledgeable
    No need to worry about searching documentation again
  • Proactive
    Proactive team will identify and resolve your issues before you even notice them
  • Fast Updates
    You will receive updates faster
  • Always Available
    Premium 24/7 support available
  • Distribution Support
    HAProxy compiles easily as well as integrates with the package manager in standard operating systems. Supported out of the box: CentOS 6/7, Debian GNU 7/8, Red Hat 6/7, Ubuntu 14.04/16.04.

Why Choose HAProxy Enterprise Edition?

Robust and cutting-edge code base

HAPEE combines the best of HAProxy Community stable and development versions. It provides a robust, reliable code base plus the latest cutting-edge features.

Enterprise Suite

Administration and security focused modules, tools, and scripts.


HAPEE runs in all environments, from bare metal, containers and virtual servers to on-premise data centers or public/private clouds. It integrates with popular DevOps and service discovery tools.

Reliable Performance

Proven reliability since 2000 and extreme performance based on innovative code optimizations.

Advanced Security

Through mitigating attacks for top sites in the world, our powerful DDoS and anomalous behavior detection engine was born and constantly improves.

Extensible Features

Robust core code allows for the native delivery of a wealth of features based on powerful configuration language.


Full 24×7 support and 5-year maintenance guarantee for HAPEE Premium customers.


Team of experts including the HAProxy core development team for incident response and complex troubleshooting.


Trusted by many of the top websites and cloud providers in the world.
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