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HAProxy ALOHA Load Balancer

Several viable options

Main features of ALOHA load balancers

Load balancing

  • Network load balancing (layer 4)
  • Application load balancing (layer 7)
  • Support for all IPv4 and IPv6 protocols
  • SSL support
  • Native support for WebServices and WebSockets (via a configuration management API)
  • Content-based, intelligent query routing (content switching)
  • Session persistence and maintenance management using cookies
  • Application cookie learning such as PHPSESSID, JSESSIONID, ASP.NET_SessionId and others
  • Replication of session status between a master ALOHA and its slave(s)
  • Wide selection of balancing algorithms (round-robin, leastconn, hash) with weighting
  • Smooth server startup and shutdown
  • Hashing algorithms optimized for proxy farms
  • Support for Reverse-proxy, NAT, Direct Server Return and VIP-less modes

High application availability

  • Continuous server and application health checks
  • Traffic spike smoothing to protect servers against overloads
  • Management of crippled mode if a production server crashes (rerouting to a backup server)
  • Session persistence and maintenance management on ALOHA in standby mode

Application performance

  • Unlimited management of IP:port pairs using a virtual server
  • Generation of detailed application logs in place of servers (which frees up server resources)
  • TCP/HTTP acceleration through buffering
  • Server connection concentration with dynamic load balancing
  • Blocking malicious or needless HTTP queries
  • Early release of connections

Application security

  • Protocol validation (HTTP)
  • Protection against denial-of-service attacks (DoS, DDoS), worms, SQL code injections, etc.
  • Enforcement of connection, query and throughput thresholds by source IP
  • Management of black/white lists
  • Advanced URL filtering and ability for authentication-based restriction
  • Blocking of information leaks and protection of sensitive information
  • Filtering HTTP/HTTPS queries and responses
  • HTTP header manipulation

Integration and administration

  • VLAN (802.1q), multisite VPN (IPSec or SSL) support
  • Support for Syslog, SNMP, traps SNMP, VRRP and NTP standards
  • Network interface bridging and bonding
  • Integration in proxy or transparent proxy mode
  • Advanced monitoring and logging, status of services and applications, connection details, activity statistics
  • Web or CLI administration interface (SSH or serial port access)
  • Malfunction diagnostic tools
  • Multi-layer administration (monitoring and configuration)
  • Configuration management and provisioning API via REST/JSON web service and SSH
  • Management of multi-tenant architecture configuration via the configuration API
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