The HAProxy Guide to Multilayered Security

Defense in Depth Using the Building Blocks of HAProxy.

HAProxy gives you the building blocks to create a strong, layered defense against DDoS, malicious bot traffic, vulnerability scanners and more. Using its flexible configuration language, you’ll learn to:

  Define access control lists (ACLs) to block or reroute harmful traffic
  Analyze the behavior of your clients through the in- memory storage, stick tables
  Leverage key-value maps to dynamically update rules
  Protect your services from application-layer DDoS attacks
  Identify and stop malicious bots
  Harness the power of the HAProxy Enterprise WAF to counter sophisticated, Layer 7 attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting



HAProxy Technologies is the company behind HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. HAProxy products are used by thousands of companies around the world to deliver applications and websites with the utmost in performance, reliability and security. This ebook provides a comprehensive overview for HAProxy’s extensive security capabilities needed to protect your infrastructure in today’s increasingly complex security threat landscape.

ebook - The HAProxy Guide to Multilayered Security