• Default gateway

    Specify the default gateway that will allow your HAProxy ALOHA appliance to communicate with devices outside its subnet.

  • DNS

    Configure which DNS servers to query when HAProxy ALOHA needs to resolve a server's hostname.

  • IP addresses

    Use the web UI or CLI to add or change HAProxy ALOHA static IP address.

  • IP static routes

    Assign manually configured routing entries to your appliance.

  • Isolate admin services

    Restrict administrative services to their own network interface.

  • Join multiple network interfaces to form a single, unified interface.

  • Network interfaces

    Configure HAProxy ALOHA network interfaces so that they are compatible with the switches, routers and servers on your network.

  • NTP

    Set the Network Time Protocol server, which synchronizes clocks on the network.

  • VLAN

    Configure VLAN tagging.

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