Layer 7 (HAProxy)

Overview of the LB Layer7 tab

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The LB Layer7 tab embeds HAProxy Enterprise, which is a reverse proxy for load balancing TCP and HTTP. As a reverse proxy, it terminates the client’s connection on one end, then opens a connection to the server on the other end. You enable TCP mode or HTTP mode by setting the mode directive in the configured frontend and backend sections.

  • In HTTP mode, you can make routing decisions based on HTTP metadata such as the URL path, HTTP headers, and cookies. Set mode http.
  • In TCP mode, you can load balance TCP traffic, over which you can transport any TCP-compatible application including HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, and MySQL. Set mode tcp.

The LB Layer7 tab supports a variety of configurable options, including:

  • Load balancing schemes including round robin, least connection, source, destination, source/destination, URI, HTTP header values, and others.
  • Server health checks by HTTP or TCP protocol.
  • Traffic rate limiting and traffic policing.
  • Rich conditional switching rules (ACLs) for traffic filtering and control.
  • Rich SSL and security stack.
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Rich observability support.

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