Hardware models


ALB3200 Load Balancer (Front side)

ALB3200 Load Balancer (Back side)

Physical specifications Jump to heading

Form factory Value
Processor Intel® Atom™ processor C2758 or similar
System Memory 4 GB
Storage HDD: 2 x 2.5" drive bays; CF/SD: 1 x CF card Type II
Networking Ethernet: 6 x GbE RJ45; Bypass: 3 pairs Gen.3 (SKU A); Front NIC Module slot: 1
I/O Interface Reset Button: 1; Serial: 1 x Console port (RJ45 connector); USB: 2 x USB 2.0
Physical Dimensions W x H x D: 431 x 44 x 305 mm; Weight: 4 kg
Power 150W ATX PSU; Input: 100~240 V @50~60 Hz
Approvals / Compliance CE Class A, FCC Class A, UL, RoHS
Hardware Type Rack 1U

Benchmarks Jump to heading

Benchmark Value
Layer 7 Max Bandwidth 3 Gb/s
Layer 7 Max HTTP conn/s 8K
Layer 7 Max Req/s (Keep-Alive) 40K
TLS 1.2 Max RSA-2048 key/s 200
TLS 1.2 Max TPS 2,400
TLS 1.2 Max Req/s (Keep-Alive) 20K
TLS 1.2 Max Bandwidth 800 Mb/s
Compression Max Bandwidth (input) 800 Mb/s
Layer 4 conn/s 40K
Layer 4 DSR Max conn/s 40K
Layer 4 NAT Max conn/s 22K
Packet Flood Protection Packets/s 1.4 Mpps
Packet Flood Protection Bandwidth 1 Gb/s

Availability and support roadmap Jump to heading

Future dates are estimates.

Milestone Date Description
End of Sale Q1/2023 After this date, if a hardware failure occurs, the failed unit will be replaced by an identical model if available. If one is not available, the entire cluster must be replaced by a newer equivalent model.
Final Firmware Update Q3/2026 After this date, the model is no longer included in firmware updates, which are provided in Q1 each year. After this date, only security and critical fixes are provided for the latest existing LTS version, which are provided in Q3 each year.
End of Support Q3/2030 After this date, the latest LTS version supporting the model is discontinued. The system is no longer supported.

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