HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.0

Configuring VLANs / 802.1Q

The 802.1Q standard defines a system of VLAN tagging for Ethernet frames and the accompanying procedures that are used by bridges and switches when handling these frames.

The ALOHA load balancer supports VLAN tagging and can be integrated in such environment.

VLANs follow the rules below:

  • A physical interface can have its own IP configuration and a VLAN interface

  • The VLAN must be tagged on the switch

  • A VLAN interface can be created on top of a bond interface

Create a VLAN interface

To create a vlan interface, you have to create a new service network:

  1. Browse the ALOHA WUI.

  2. Open the Services tab.

  3. Click Setup setup_icon on the Network line.

  4. Add a directive to create a new VLAN interface

    service network eth<id>.<vlanid>

    Create vlan 100 on eth0

    service network eth0.100
       ip address

    Create vlan 200 on bond1

    service network bond1.200
       ip address
  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Close.

  7. Apply the configuration:

    • If you just created the VLAN interface, click Restart restart_icon on the network line.

    • If you just updated an existing VLAN interface, click Reload reload_icon.

Configure a VLAN interface

You configure a VLAN interface in the same way as the physical interface.

All the documentation available in the IP configuration and VRRP pages also applies to VLAN interface.

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