HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 12.0


An HAProxy ALOHA network interface may be connected to a switch interface through a VLAN trunk link.

You can then create a VLAN interface on the HAProxy ALOHA instance to route traffic over the relevant VLAN.


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Create a VLAN interface

To create a VLAN interface, you have to create a new service network:

  1. In the Services tab, click network setup setup_icon to display the current configuration of your network interfaces.

  2. Add a directive to create a new VLAN interface.

    The syntax is as follows:

    service network eth<id>.<vlanid>
    • Create VLAN 100 on interface eth0.

      service network eth0.100
         ip address
    • Create VLAN 200 on bonding interface bond1.

      service network bond1.200
         ip address
  3. Apply the configuration:

    • If you just created the VLAN interface, click Restart restart_icon on the network line.

    • If you just updated an existing VLAN interface, click Reload reload_icon.

You can manage IP configuration and VRRP settings in the same way as for a physical interface.

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