HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.0

Configuring DNS on ALOHA

For certain features such as the single sign-on (SSO) using kerberos SSO, it is mandatory to allow the system to resolve hostnames on an external DNS server.

Define DNS servers

  1. In the WUI, select the Services tab.

  2. Browse to the line system and click on setup_icon to display a configuration page.

  3. Specify the DNS servers to use with the keyword dns_servers.

  4. Specify the domain used as suffix with the keyword dns_domain.

  5. Specify the name of the local machine using the keyword hostname.

    service system
      ########## Global system parameters
      # hostname <hostname>                   : set hostname
      # rtc <utc|local>                       : set hardware clock
      # [no] nv_auto_mount                    : enable auto-mounting of /nv
      # [no] nv_auto_format                   : enable auto-formating of /nv
      hostname ALOHA1
      rtc utc
      dns_domain mydomain
  6. Click OK and Close to return to the Services tab.

  7. On the line system, click restart_icon to restart.

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