Load Balancing

HAProxy powers the uptime of organizations with large infrastructures and enormous traffic demands by giving them the flexibility and confidence to deliver websites and applications with high availability, performance, and security at any scale and in any environment.

Open source reverse proxy and load balancing with highly advanced application delivery controller functionality is the core of who we are. It is embedded in our DNA.

Comprehensive LB Methods

Round robin, URI, IP address, and other hashing methods supported for routing requests. These methods are overridable with cookies and stick tables to provide session persistence.

Advanced Routing Decisions

Sends requests to specific backends based on URL (or parts thereof), domain name, file extension, client IP address, health state of backends, number of active backend connections, SSL client certificate state, etc.


Maintains users' sessions based on TCP/IP information (client IP, port or TCP payload) or any property of the HTTP request (cookies, headers, URI, etc.).

Extensive ACL System

Make advanced decisions based on any TCP/IP information or HTTP attribute with full logical operator support.

LUA Scripting Support

Allows LUA scripts to provide information to ACL's or generate and send responses.

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