The ALOHA 7.5 brings the following improvements:

  • Configuration deployment using templates in the GUI

  • PacketShield, our packet flood protection solution, now also available on Hardware appliances 1G interfaces

  • SYNPROXY module, to use in conjunction with PacketShield to enable protection for LVS and traffic routed through the appliance

HAProxy Improvements
  • Faster processing of ACLs by using a match result cache

  • Ability to analyze HTTP requests body (frontend option option http-buffer-request)

  • Faster HTTP gzip compression

  • Traffic capture

  • Comments in tcp-check rules

  • Server side TLS SNI

  • Server side tcp-ut timeout

New sample fetches
  • ssl_fc_is_resumed

  • req.ssl_ec_ext

  • req.body_param

  • req.body_len

  • req.body_size

Additional Diagnostic Tools in GUI tab
  • Layer 7 errors

  • Layer 7 info

  • Tech support

HAProxy features through the API
  • stick-table, stickreq, stickrsp

  • tcp-check

  • adv-check-http-version

  • http-request log-level

  • listener tcp-ut