HAProxy Enterprise

Enterprise modules

  • Device detection

    Learn about device detection features in HAProxy Enterprise.

  • Dynamic updates

    Update the contents of ACL files, Map files, and TLS ticket key files periodically without reloading HAProxy Enterprise.

  • Geolocation

    Learn about geolocation features in HAProxy Enterprise.

  • Global Profiling Engine

    Enable the Global Profiling Engine for aggregating real-time and historical stick table data.

  • GSLB

    Configure GSLB on HAProxy Enterprise.

  • Real-time Dashboard

    Enable the HAProxy Enterprise Real-time Dashboard.

  • Response body injection

    Insert content dynamically into an HTTP response.

  • Route health injection

    Use RHI to control routing protocol announcements based on the health of the network in an active-active cluster.

  • Send metrics

    Use the Send Metrics module to send metrics data to an external program.

  • Single sign-on

    Learn about single sign-on features in HAProxy Enterprise.

  • SNMP

    Send metrics data to your network monitoring device using SNMP.


    Close SSL connections in the event of SSL certificate expiration or revocation.

  • Traffic mirroring

    Replicate traffic to a shadow environment.

  • UDP

    Use the UDP module to load balance syslog, DNS, and NTP.

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