HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.2r1

Command Line Interface

An HAProxy Enterprise Command Line Interface is available from the package hapee-2.2r1-cli and allows you to:

  • Report information about the current HAProxy Enterprise deployment

  • Manage HAProxy Enterprise processes

  • Interact with hapee-2.2-lb stats socket to report statistics, current sessions, errors

  • Open a shell on running hapee-2.2-lb

  • Print help

Install HAProxy Enterprise CLI

  1. To install the HAProxy Enterprise CLI package run:

    $ # On Debian/Ubuntu
    $ sudo apt-get install hapee-2.2r1-cli
    $ # On CentOS/RedHat/Oracle/Photon OS
    $ sudo yum install hapee-2.2r1-cli
    $ # On SUSE
    $ sudo zypper install hapee-2.2r1-cli
    $ # On FreeBSD
    $ sudo pkg install hapee-2.2r1-cli
  2. Optional: If your default shell is not Bash, you can change your shell to Bash in order to make use of command completion.

    The package adds a bash completion script at /etc/bash_completion.d/hapee-2.2-completion.sh. This script enables a new command called hapee.

    Run chsh to set bash as your default shell, as shown here:

    $ chsh
    Changing the login shell for root
    Enter the new value, or press ENTER for the default

    The hapee command becomes available at the next login. To use it immediately after installation, run:

    $ source /etc/bash_completion.d/hapee-2.2-completion.sh

    You can then use the hapee command to see options:

    $ hapee
    Usage: /opt/hapee-2.2/bin/hapee-2.2 {start|stop|status|restart|try-restart|reload|force-reload}
           /opt/hapee-2.2/bin/hapee-2.2 {lb-info|lb-stat|lb-sess|lb-errors|lb-stdio}
           /opt/hapee-2.2/bin/hapee-2.2 {ctl|version|help}

Retrieve an information report

To get an information report, enter the HAProxy Enterprise version for the CLI reports your want to retrieve:

  • The HAProxy Enterprise version

  • Installed HAProxy Enterprise packages

  • Installed HAProxy Enterprise packages versions

On Debian/Ubuntu

$ hapee version
HAPEE version 2.2r1
ii  hapee-2.2r1-base 2.2...   all          HAPEE BASE : Common dependencies
ii  hapee-2.2r1-cli  2.2...   amd64        HAPEE CLI : Command line interfac
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-cli-lb
ii  hapee-2.2r1-lb   2.2...   amd64        HAPEE LB : Layer 7 load-balancing
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-lb-sanitize
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-lb-update
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-log
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-rhi
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-route
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-snmp
dpkg-query: no packages found matching hapee-2.2r1-vrrp

On CentOS/RedHat

$ hapee version
HAPEE version 2.2
package hapee-2.2r1-cli-lb is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-lb-sanitize is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-lb-update is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-log is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-rhi is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-route is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-snmp is not installed
package hapee-2.2r1-vrrp is not installed

Manage HAProxy Enterprise processes

You can manage HAProxy Enterprise processes with the command: hapee <action> [<service name>].

CLI can execute the following actions on any daemon installed by HAProxy Enterprise:




restart a service only if it was already running


reload a service configuration


reload service configuration


restart a service


start a service


stop a service


like condrestart

If you do not specify a service name, the command executes the action on all HAProxy Enterprise services. It is the shortened version of the service name, such lb, log, rhi, route, vrrp, etc.

Start all services:

$ hapee start

Reload hapee-2.2-lb configuration:

$ hapee reload lb

Check HAProxy Enterprise status

The HAProxy Enterprise CLI can report on the status of each daemon with the command hapee status [<service name>]

If you do not specify the service name, the command reports on all statuses of all daemons.

Display the status of HAProxy:

$ hapee status lb
$ hapee status lb
hapee-2.2r1-lb (pid  1136) is running...

Display the status of all HAProxy Enterprise services:

$ hapee status
$ hapee status
hapee-2.2r1-vrrp (pid  1120) is running...
hapee-2.2r1-lb (pid  1136) is running...
rsyslogd (pid  1145) is running...
hapee-2.2r1-rhi is not installed
hapee-2.2r1-route is not installed
hapee-2.2r1-route6 is not installed
hapee-2.2r1-snmp is not installed

Get Help

You can also use the HAProxy Enterprise CLI to get help about installed components, such as:

  • Daemon options

  • Configuration

  • Use cases

To use this command: enter hapee help <service name>, then press [TAB] key to get the list of available help.

Read HAProxy Enterprise documentation:

$ hapee help lb config

Read VRRP configuration:

$ hapee help lb config

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