HAProxy Enterprise

Table of contents for the HAProxy Enterprise 1.9r1 documentation.

  • Release Notes
    View the release notes for HAProxy Enterprise
  • Getting Started
    Learn how to get up and running using HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Overview
      Get an overview of load-balancing with HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Hardware Recommendations
      Check the hardware recommendations to optimize your server for the workload it will manage.
    • System Tuning
      Learn ways to tune your system to get the best performance.
    • Installation
      Choose how you want to install HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Additional Packages
      Install additional packages available for your load balancer.
    • Upgrade
      Upgrade from an older version to this version of HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Uninstall
      Uninstall HAProxy Enterprise.
  • Configuration
    Learn the basics of configuring HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Configuration Section Basics
      Learn about the sections of an HAProxy Enterprise configuration file.
    • Binds
      Bind IP addresses and receive traffic on your load balancer.
    • Servers
      Add servers to your load balancer backends.
    • Fetches
      Extract information from the traffic as it passes through the load balancer.
    • ACLs
      Use ACLs statements to control traffic and transform messages.
    • Converters
      Convert or transform the value of a fetch to another type.
    • Map Files
      Map keys to values to simplify complicated configuration files.
    • Stick Tables
      Store data about traffic as it passes through the load balancer.
    • Variables
      Learn how variables let you store pieces of data.
    • Reference Manual
  • Management
    Manage, update, and monitor HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Start/Stop the Service
      Start and stop the HAProxy Enterprise service.
    • Enable/Disable Servers
      Enable and disable backend servers.
    • Git Integration
      Integrate HAProxy Enterprise with git using the Data Plane API.
    • Dynamic Data Updates
      Update the contents of ACL files, Map files, and TLS ticket key files periodically without reloading HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Real-time Dashboard
      Enable the HAProxy Enterprise Real-time Dashboard.
    • Service Discovery
      Enable service discovery in HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Multi-threading
      Configuring multi-threading in HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Ansible
      Integrate HAProxy Enterprise with Ansible.
  • High Availability
    Configure HAProxy Enterprise for high availability.
    • Active/Active Clustering
      Configure a highly available cluster of HAProxy Enterprise load balancers.
    • Active/Standby Clustering
      Serve traffic from one load balancer instance while the others are on standby.
    • AWS
      Configure HAProxy Enterprise for high availability in AWS.
  • Load Balancing
    Learn about HAProxy Enterprise load-balancing features.
    • Caching
      Enable caching of server responses.
    • Compression
      Compress responses from servers.
    • Circuit Breaking
      Implement a circuit breaker mechanism.
    • Device Detection
      Enable device detection in HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Geolocation
      Enable geolocation in HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Health Checking
      Enable health checks that monitor the status of your servers.
    • Service Mesh
      Deploy HAProxy Enterprise as the proxy layer in a service mesh.
    • Protocols
      Load balancing traffic over various network-layer and application-layer protocols.
    • Client IP preservation
      Preserve the client's source IP address when proxying traffic.
    • Response Body Injection
      Insert content dynamically into an HTTP response.
    • Session Persistence
      Route clients to the same backend server with session persistence.
  • Traffic Routing
    Change the destination of a connection or request before it is relayed to a server.
    • Blue-Green Deployments
      Configure a Blue-Green deployment for your backend servers.
    • Redirects
      Redirect a client to a different destination.
    • Rewrites
      Change the properties of a request or a response on the fly.
  • Security
    Configure security features in HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Global Profiling Engine
      Enable the Global Profiling Engine for aggregating real-time and historical stick table data.
    • Single Sign-on
      Log into your applications only once with single sign-on.
    • Response Policies
      Perform actions on suspicious connections or requests.
    • TLS
      Encrypt traffic using SSL/TLS.
    • Authentication
      Enable client authentication in HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Bot Management
      Set countermeasures for malicious bots.
    • Handling a DoS attack
      Defend against denial-of-service attacks using HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Web Application Firewall
      Enable the HAProxy Enterprise Web Application Firewall.
  • Observability
    Configure observability features with HAProxy Enterprise.
    • Logging
      Configure logging of load balancer events.
    • Metrics
      Enable and collect load balancer metrics.
    • Monitoring
      Monitor load balancer health and generate alerts.
    • Integrations
      Learn how HAProxy Enterprise integrates with third-party software.
  • API
    Learn how to manage HAProxy Enterprise using its APIs.
    • Command Line Interface
      Manage the HAProxy Enterprise process using its command-line interface.
    • Data Plane API
      Use the Data Plane API to configure the load balancer dynamically.
    • Lua
      Extend HAProxy Enterprise using the Lua programming language.
    • Runtime API
      Use the Runtime API to update the load balancer's configuration in memory without requiring a reload.
  • Troubleshooting
    Learn ways to troubleshoot your HAProxy Enterprise load balancer.
    • Contact Us
      See how to contact us for help.
  • Licensing
    Review the HAProxy Enterprise license information.