HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.7r2

Release Notes

HAProxy Enterprise 1.7r2 comprises the following new functionalities:

Stick Table Aggregator

The stick-table aggregator stores stick-table entries and aggregates them before it transfers the results back to HAProxy Enterprise peers on the network. Thus you can see and reference a single stick table which holds the combined values from all nodes in the cluster. You can find its user documentation on the HAProxy Enterprise Customer Portal.

Master-Worker Model
  • In the master-worker model, HAProxy Enterprise launches one master process and starts a number of additional worker processes under it.

  • The new master process monitors all worker processes and controls them from a single instance to relieve systemd or other software from these tasks.

HTTP Small Object Caching

The small object caching mechanism allows HAProxy Enterprise to store some small static files from application servers in memory, and thereby accelerate the delivery of CSS, JS, or icon files.

DNS SRV Record Support

DNS SRV records allow HAProxy Enterprise to get a list of backend servers from DNS records. This is an alternative to building the configuration from template whenever the backends change or using the run-time API to modify backends.

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