HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.7r1

Release Notes

HAProxy Enterprise 1.7r1 comprises the following new functionalities:


  • Route daemon

  • VRRP daemon

HAProxy Enterprise Load Balancer

  • Upgrade to HAProxy 1.7

  • PCRE JIT support

  • Namespace support

  • DNS improvements

  • Server: init-addr: indicate in what order the server's adress should be resolved upon startup. Method none specifically indicates that the server should start without any valid IP address in a down state.

  • New srv_admin flag: SRV_ADMF_RMAINT

  • Listener: accept-netscaler-cip option added to the bind keyword

  • Added tcp-request connection expect-netscaler-cip layer4

  • log-format: error management improvements

New Fetches

  • fe_name: gives the current frontend's name

  • be_name: gives the current backend's name

  • fc_rcvd_proxy shows if the client initiated the connection with a PROXY protocol header

  • xx-hash converters

Command Line Interface

  • show cli sockets list the CLI sockets

  • show stat now supports a proxy name

  • show errors now supports a proxy name

  • show errors is now capable of dumping only request or response

  • RMAINT state remains when setting an IP address on the CLI

LUA Scripting

  • CLI handler for LUA

  • Allow argument for actions

  • HAProxy Enterprise now has variable access to applets

New LUA functions
  • Function which returns true if the channel is full

  • IP addresses and network manipulation function

  • Utility function to check for a boolean argument

  • A tokenize function

Next up

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