HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 15.5

Firmware Update Troubleshooting

When updating firmware to a new major release, failures can occur due to changing partition size requirements.

Messages like the following indicate a failed update to a version between 14.5.0 and 14.5.7 or to 15.x:

[13:09:25] Error 42: The firmware cannot be updated

Aug  4 13:09:23 ALOHA1 user.info  admin[2110]: ALOHA1# update-boot-image '-'
Aug  4 13:09:24 ALOHA1 user.notice  admin[2110]: Corrupted image.
Aug  4 13:09:24 ALOHA1 user.warn  admin[2110]: cat: write error: No space left on device

A message like the following indicates a failed update to a version between 14.5.8 and 14.5.11:

413 Request Entity Too Large when trying to update

When a size-related failure occurs:

  1. Update to the latest 13.5.x version (no lower than 13.5.16).

  2. Continue with your originally planned update according to the instructions in Firmware Updates.

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