HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 13.0

ALOHA User Guide

ALOHA Hardware Appliance

HAProxy Technologie's ALOHA gives enterprises an incredibly powerful, plug and play, appliance that you can deploy in any environment. ALOHA's simple graphical interface coupled with an advanced templating system makes it painless to deploy and configure.

ALOHA Virtual Appliance

The simple to use HAProxy Virtual Application Delivery Controller includes an embedded GUI and configuration templating system, allowing for deployment of new applications in minutes.

Getting Started

If you opted for the ALOHA hardware solution:

If you choose the ALOHA virtual appliance, integrate it with your current hypervisor or virtual machine monitor.



Before you configure your ALOHA load balancer, you can get familiarized with the graphic user interface. This GUI comprises tabs to perform various tasks such as services, setup, SSL, and diagnostics.

After you set up an ALOHA cluster, you can:

The network setup includes configuration for the following:

Traffic Management

Layer 4

Layer 7


In the ALOHA, PacketShield is the tool responsible to protect against floods and low layer attacks.

This section explains how PacketShield works and how to enable and configure it.



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