Table of contents for the HAProxy ALOHA 14.5 documentation.

  • Release Notes
    View the release notes for HAProxy ALOHA.
  • Changelog
    View the log of recent changes.
  • Getting Started
    Learn how to get up and running using HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Overview
      Get a high-level overview of HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Hardware Models
      Compare hardware appliance models.
    • Installation
      Choose how you want to install HAProxy ALOHA.
    • License Registration
      Activate HAProxy ALOHA by registering a license.
    • Configuration Wizard
      Configure HAProxy ALOHA virtual appliance for the first time.
    • Firmware Updates
      Apply the latest firmware updates.
    • Additional Modules Partition
      Install a partition for additional modules.
  • Administration
    Manage HAProxy ALOHA and perform administrative tasks.
    • Dynamic Data Updates
      Regularly update the contents of ACL files, map files, or TLS ticket key files loaded in memory without reloading HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Factory reset
      Revert HAProxy ALOHA to its initial state.
    • Network
      Learn how to configure your network for HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Users and Passwords
      Configure users and passwords for HAProxy ALOHA.
  • High Availability
    Set up a cluster of HAProxy ALOHA appliances for high availbility.
    • Active/Active Cluster
      Configure two HAProxy ALOHA instances in active/active mode.
    • Active/Standby Cluster
      Configure two HAProxy ALOHA instances in active/standby mode.
    • Configuration Sync
      Synchronize the cluster configuration.
  • Load Balancing
    Discover how to configure load balancing on HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Load Balancer Choices
      Learn about the available load balancers.
    • Health Checks
      Monitor the health of backend servers.
    • Protocols
      Load balance support per protocol.
    • Direct Server Return
      Respond directly to clients without returning through the load balancer.
    • Client IP preservation
      Preserve the client's IP address when proxied through HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Global server load balancing
      Discover how to configure GSLB load balancing on HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Flows
      Use flows to define iptables chains for incoming packets.
    • NAT mode
      Configure Network Address Translation (NAT).
    • Layer7 (HAProxy) configuration tutorials
  • Observability
    Configure observability features on HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Statistics
      Monitor current statistics.
    • Syslog
      Send HAProxy ALOHA logs to an external Syslog server.
  • Security
    Enable security features in HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Bot Management
      Configure ALOHA's bot management features
    • PacketShield (Hardware Appliance)
      Enable PacketShield denial-of-service protection.
    • Single Sign-on
      Configure single sign-on for your backend servers.
    • SSL/TLS
      Encrypt traffic using SSL/TLS
    • Web Application Firewall
      Configure the web application firewall in HAProxy ALOHA.
    • IP Access Control Lists
      Use access control lists to determine which IP addresses, networks, and protocols are permitted.
  • API
    Manage HAProxy ALOHA using its APIs.
    • Configuration API
      Configure the load balancer using the legacy API.
    • Data Plane API
      Configure the load balancer using HTTP RESTful commands.
  • Troubleshooting
    Learn techniques for troubleshooting problems with HAProxy ALOHA.
    • Contact Us
      See how to contact us for help.
    • Firmware Update Troubleshooting
      Solve problems that occur when updating firmware.
    • Cluster Troubleshooting
      Troubleshoot problems with a cluster of HAProxy ALOHA instances.
    • Network Troubleshooting
      Find and fix problems with the network.
    • Email and SNMP Notifications
      Set email alerts or SNMP traps.
    • Diagnostic Tools
      Run diagnostic tools from the user interface to troubleshoot problems.
    • Core dump
      Send a core dump file to Support.