HAProxy ALOHA Documentation 12.0

License Registration

You can get a license to test HAProxy ALOHA or to use it in production.

Request a license

You must request a license to use HAProxy ALOHA in unrestricted mode or once you have upgraded HAProxy ALOHA firmware to a new major release.

  1. Request an activation key from your HAProxy representative.

  2. Log in to HAProxy ALOHA web UI at http://<HAProxy ALOHA IP address>:4444/.

  3. Open the Setup tab.

  4. Check the system information of your appliance.

  5. Click [request license].

    A new tab displays.

  6. Download your license file from the web page or from the email you received.

  7. Add your license file.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Check your license.


If the status is mismatch, check ETHID and UUID values.

If you upgraded the firmware to a new major release, only the license matching the current running firmware is denoted as valid.

To be able to roll back to a previous firmware version, do not remove outdated licenses.

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