HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 12.0

Getting Started with ALOHA (Hardware)

Package Contents

All ALOHA Load-Balancer packages contains the following items:

  • The ALOHA appliance

  • An European or US electric cable

  • A serial cable to connect to the console


The following information are required in order to configure your ALOHA Load Balancer and connect it to your network:

  • IP Address

  • Subnet netmask

  • Default gateway

  • vlan information

The following information are optional:

  • IP address of the NTP server

First Network Connection: Hardware

This is the most complicated task. Once done, you can run all configuration from the Web User Interface (WUI).

You can either:

  • Use a network cable

  • Use a console cable

Both are equivalent and can be performed before or after installation the ALOHA in the cabinet.

To locate your ALOHA's eth0 network interface or console port, read the Appliance Layout page.

Using the Network

For this method, you need:

  • The ALOHA appliance

  • A desktop or laptop computer

  • A network cable (both straight or crossover are allowed)

By default, the ALOHA configures eth0 with the following IP address:

Connect Aloha using the network

  1. Turn on the ALOHA.

  2. Plug a network cable between the computer and the ALOHA's eth0 network interface.

  3. Configure the computer with the IP address

  4. Browse the ALOHA WUI:

  5. Use the default credentials: admin / admin.

  6. Run the Configuration Wizard.

Connect Aloha using the console

  1. Turn on the ALOHA.

  2. Plug a console cable between your computer and the ALOHA's console port.

  3. Console parameters are 115200 8N1.

  4. Get connected on the ALOHA.

  5. Use the default credentials: admin / admin.

  6. Get root access by typing the command root.

  7. Run the following commands, replacing the uppercase keyword by your own settings:

    • Set up the device hostname: config set system hostname <HOSTNAME>

    • Set up the ip address for eth0: config set network.eth0 ip-address <IP/NETMASK>

    • Setup the default gateway: config set network.eth0 ip-route-default <GATEWAY>

    • Apply your configuration: service network restart

    • Plug the Aloha's eth0 network interface.

    • Try to ping the ALOHA.

    • If ping is successful, then save the configuration: config save

  8. Browse the ALOHA WUI: http://ALOHA_IP:4444/.

  9. Use the default credentials: admin / admin.

  10. Run the Configuration Wizard.

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