HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller Documentation 1.4

Concepts and usage

In this section, you will learn about the use cases an ingress controller addresses, as well as how to perform common tasks.

What is an ingress controller?
An ingress controller implements traffic routing in your Kubernetes cluster by interpreting Ingress rules. Learn its benefits and how it works.
Load balance traffic
The ingress controller load balances traffic across pods without further configuration, but you can customize its behavior.
Enable logging
When you install the Kubernetes Ingress Controller, it captures logs from the controller itself. Use kubectl logs to view the logs.
View metrics
Live metrics can be graphed and give you constant insights into the operation of the ingress controller. Learn how to get various metrics for HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller.
Route HTTP traffic
Define Ingress rules that state how traffic should be routed within your Kubernetes cluster. HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller will implement those rules.
Terminate SSL
HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller can terminate SSL/TLS, handling encrypting traffic when it leaves and decrypting it when it enters.
How to troubleshoot
Several techniques exist for diagnosing problems with the ingress controller. They include viewing logs, viewing pod details, and logging into the pod to check files.

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What is an ingress controller?