Report an issue

To get help with HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress, use the customer portal to submit a ticket including a problem description, logs, and techdumps.

Prepare logs and dumps for diagnosis Jump to heading

When submitting a support ticket, you need to provide techdumps and debug logs to help the Support team diagnose the issue.

Before an issue is observed, prepare the ingress controller:

  1. Enable techdumps.

  2. Enable debugging logs. Specify debug level if possible. Logs at this level require more storage space, but the additional information they provide can be helpful in diagnosing issues.

When an issue is detected, collect the techdump and logs for the Support team:

  1. Create a techdump on each ingress controller pod that is affected. Optionally, also create techdumps on healthy pods.

  2. Get logs from the duration of the issue. If possible, gets logs from the 30 minute period before the issue occurred. Logging should be at debug level.

    Get logs using this command:

    kubectl logs -n <namespace> <pod-name>
    kubectl logs -n <namespace> <pod-name>

Create a support ticket Jump to heading

To get help with HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller:

  1. Log into the Customer Portal.

  2. Create a new ticket under the Support tab.


    In the issue description, be sure to note the exact time, including time zone, where incidents can be found in the logs. Knowing the time and time zone is crucial for the Support team as they analyze logs.

  3. Attach techdumps and logs.

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