Install HAProxy Enterprise as a VM image

Installing the virtual machine image presents an alternative method of getting HAProxy Enterprise that works in an air gapped environment.

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Hypervisor support

The OVA virtual machine image applies to:

  • VMware

To install the OVA image:

  1. Download and extract one of the .ova.gz archives from the VM Templates repository. Replace <YOUR HAPROXY ENTERPRISE KEY> in the URL below to access the repository:<YOUR HAPROXY ENTERPRISE KEY>-vmware

  2. Import the OVA file in your VMware hypervisor to create a new virtual machine. During the install, you will be asked to provide:

    • a name for the virtual machine (example: hapee-vm)
    • a storage path for the virtual machine (prefilled automatically, but you can change it)
    • a unique instance ID for the VM instance (example: hapee1)
    • a hostname for the VM instance (example: hapeevm)
    • an SSH public key for connecting to the instance (example: ssh-ed25519 ABCD... My PC)
    • The default user’s password (example: mypassword)
  3. Log in with the username ubuntu or cloud-user and the password you set during the installation.

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