HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.8r1

Configure the DeviceAtlas InFuze module

Global directives

The module adds the following global directives:



deviceatlas-json-file <path> (required)

Loads a DeviceAtlas database.

deviceatlas-property-separator <separator>

Specifies the separator to use within the output. Defaults to a pipe symbol (|).

deviceatlas-log-level <level>

Sets the log level, which can be set to a number between 0`and :code:`3 (defaults to 0):

  • 0: Fatal

  • 1: Errors

  • 2: Warnings

  • 3: Information (most verbose)

deviceatlas-properties-cookie <cookie-name>

The name of the DeviceAtlas Client-side Component cookie, if using client-side properties. Defaults to DAPROPS.

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