HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.8r1

Install the 51Degrees module

  1. Log into your account at the 51Degrees website and download the enterprise database in Trie format. Copy the .trie file to your HAProxy Enterprise server (e.g. /etc/hapee-2.8/51Degrees-LiteV3.4.trie).

  2. Install the 51Degrees module according to your platform:

    $ # On Debian/Ubuntu
    $ sudo apt-get install hapee-2.8r1-lb-51d
    $ # On CentOS/RedHat/Oracle/Photon OS
    $ sudo yum install hapee-2.8r1-lb-51d
    $ # On SUSE
    $ sudo zypper install hapee-2.8r1-lb-51d
    $ # On FreeBSD
    $ sudo pkg install hapee-2.8r1-lb-51d
  3. In the global section of your configuration, add the following lines. Change the 51degrees-property-name-list depending on the properties you want to use:

       module-path /opt/hapee-2.8r1/modules/
       module-load hapee-lb-51d.so
       51degrees-data-file /etc/hapee-2.8/51Degrees-LiteV3.4.trie
       51degrees-property-name-list DeviceType IsMobile IsTablet
  4. Reload the HAProxy Enterprise configuration to apply the changes.

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