HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.5r1

wurfl-update force-update

Force an update of the WURFL InFuze database.


The WURFL InFuze update module will update its database based on the interval you specifed in the configuration. You can also force an update that will run immediately.


In this example, we want to force an update of the database.

$ echo "wurfl-update force-update" | \
   sudo socat stdio unix-connect:/var/run/hapee-2.5/hapee-lb.sock
WURFL: forcing update in 5m

You can check the status of the update using the wurfl-update status command. Note that while the update is processing, the status will show the progress:

$ echo "wurfl-update status" | \
   sudo socat stdio unix-connect:/var/run/hapee-2.5/hapee-lb.sock
 WURFL InFuze module status
 initialized:          yes

 Data update
  configuration:      /etc/hapee-2.7/hapee-lb.cfg:43
  http status count:  0 0 0 0 7 / 0
  period/delay:       1d / 5s 10s 5s
  use cksum/hash/mod: no / no / no
  reload/retry count: 0 0 2 / 7 2
  reload time:        <NEVER> / <NEVER> / 2023-08-08 14:25:37
  currently updating: wurfl.xml.gz
     status/retry:      0 / 2
     data size:         0 / 0 (0.0%)
     dur/time left:     8s / 1s

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