HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.4r1


This section describes how to manage the HAProxy Enterprise service and perform other administrative tasks.

Start/Stop the Service

Start and stop the HAProxy Enterprise service.

Start with split configuration files

Start and stop the HAProxy Enterprise service with split configuration files.

Enable/Disable Servers

Enable and disable backend servers.

Git Integration

Integrate HAProxy Enterprise with git using the Data Plane API.

Dynamic Data Updates

Update the contents of ACL files, Map files, and TLS ticket key files periodically without reloading HAProxy Enterprise.

Real-time Dashboard

Enable the HAProxy Enterprise Real-time Dashboard.

Process Manager

Use the HAProxy Enterprise Process Manager to run external programs.

Service Discovery

Enable service discovery in HAProxy Enterprise.


Configuring multi-threading in HAProxy Enterprise.


Integrate HAProxy Enterprise with Ansible.

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Start/Stop the Service