HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.4r1

lb-netacuity get

Display all the data associated with the specified IP address.


You can retrieve all of the data associated with a specified IP address. This query works even if the NetAcuity module is disabled and the result of the query is not cached. The query is performed against the database and not the cache. You can specify the IP address in IPv4 or IPv6 format.


Retrieve the NetAcuity database information for the IP address by specifying that IP address with the lb-netacuity get command:

$ echo "lb-netacuity get" | \
   sudo socat stdio unix-connect:/var/run/hapee-2.4/hapee-lb.sock
 NetAcuity data
edge-area-codes: (null)
edge-city: (null)
edge-city-code: (null)
edge-city-conf: (null)
edge-conn-speed: (null)
edge-continent-code: (null)
edge-country: (null)
edge-country-code: (null)
edge-country-conf: (null)
edge-gmt-offset: (null)
edge-in-dst: (null)
edge-internal-code: (null)
edge-latitude: (null)
edge-longitude: (null)
edge-metro-code: (null)
edge-postal-code: (null)
edge-postal-conf: (null)
edge-region: (null)
edge-region-code: (null)
edge-region-conf: (null)
edge-timezone-name: (null)
edge-two-letter-country: (null)
keys: 22/32 slots, 378/1024 byte(s) used; data: 0/187 byte(s) used

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