HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.4r1

Install the DeviceAtlas module

  1. Log into your account at the DeviceAtlas website and download the Enterprise API C library. Copy it as libda.so.2 to your HAProxy Enterprise server into the directory /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ on Ubuntu/Debian or /lib/lib64 on RHEL.

  2. From your DeviceAtlas account, download the Device Data (JSON) file. Copy it to your HAProxy Enterprise server (e.g. /etc/hapee-2.4/deviceatlas.json).

  3. Install the DeviceAtlas module according to your platform:

    $ # On Debian/Ubuntu
    $ sudo apt-get install hapee-2.4r1-lb-da
    $ # On CentOS/RedHat/Oracle/Photon OS
    $ sudo yum install hapee-2.4r1-lb-da
    $ # On SUSE
    $ sudo zypper install hapee-2.4r1-lb-da
    $ # On FreeBSD
    $ sudo pkg install hapee-2.4r1-lb-da
  4. In the global section of the HAProxy Enterprise configuration file, add the following:

       module-load hapee-lb-da.so
       deviceatlas-json-file /etc/hapee-2.4/deviceatlas.json
  5. Reload the HAProxy Enterprise configuration to apply the changes.

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