HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.2r1

Configure the WURFL InFuze module

Global directives

The global section supports the following directives for the hapee-lb-wurfl module:



wurfl-data-file <path>

Required. The path to the WURFL data file.

wurfl-information-list <value> [<value>...]

Required. List of WURFL capabilities, virtual capabilities, and property names to use in injected HTTP headers. Separate each value with a space. See the WURFL InFuze documentation for values that you can use.

wurfl-information-list-separator <separator>

Separator to add between data returned from the WURFL database. Defaults to ",".

wurfl-patch-file <path> [<path>...]

Lists the file paths to WURFL patch definitions. You can have as many as necessary, and the API applies them in the order they appear in the configuration file. Separate each value with a space.

wurfl-cache-size <size>

The LRU cache speeds up lookup operations on User-Agent strings that were previously processed. This directive sets the number of entries to keep in the cache.

  • When size is not 0, HAProxy Enterprise uses the Single LRU cache provider with the specified cache size.

  • 0: HAProxy Enterprise disables cache.

wurfl-useragent-priority <priority>

Tells WURFL whether to prioritize the use of the plain user agent (plain) over the default sideloaded browser user agent (sideloaded_browser).

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