HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.0r1

Update the database during runtime

Use the 51Degrees Update module to keep the contents of the device detection database current. This allows you to keep multiple HAProxy Enterprise nodes synced with the latest data.

  1. Install a web server of your choice and host the database file at a URL where HAProxy Enterprise can access. For example, host the file at http://192.168.122:8000/51Degrees-LiteV3.4.trie.

  2. Install the package hapee-2.0r1-lb-51d-update.

    $ # On Debian/Ubuntu
    $ sudo apt-get install hapee-2.0r1-lb-51d-update
    $ # On CentOS/RedHat/Oracle
    $ sudo yum install hapee-2.0r1-lb-51d-update
    $ # On SUSE
    $ sudo zypper install hapee-2.0r1-lb-51d-update
    $ # On FreeBSD
    $ sudo pkg install hapee-2.0r1-lb-51d-update
  3. Add the following lines to the global section of your configuration, where the URL hosts an updated version of the file:

       # ... other global settings
       module-load hapee-lb-51d-update.so
       51degrees-update url delay 24h log

With this configuration, HAProxy Enterprise downloads the database every 24 hours and prints a message in the logs when it succeeds or if it encounters errors during the update.

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