On a HAProxy Enterprise server, the SNMP stack is split into two main components and one optional component:

  • The Operating system SNMP daemon, called snmpd. It listens on a network interface on port 161/UDP and handles SNMP requests from clients.

  • The SNMP plugin for HAProxy, called hapee-snmp-lb. This plugin collects data from hapee-1.9-lb for snmpd.

The diagram below illustrates the flow:

HAProxy Enterprise SNMP Daemon on Debian 8

Install the OS SNMP daemon: snmpd

Run the following command:

apt-get install snmpd


Skip this step if your system already has an SNMP daemon installed.

Install the SNMP plugin: hapee-snmp-lb

For the package hapee-extras-snmp-lb, run this command:

apt-get install hapee-extras-snmp-lb

Configure the system snmpd daemon

  1. Edit the file /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf to have the snmp daemon listen on the correct address:

    • Comment out agentAddress udp:

    • Uncomment agentAddress udp:161,udp6:[::1]:161.

    • Enable the SNMP server snmpd:

      view systemonly included .
    • Add the SNMP extension pass_persist:

      pass_persist  . /opt/hapee-extras/bin/hapee-snmp-lb
  2. Create a new read-only socket:

    stats socket /var/run/hapee-extras/hapee-lb.sock user hapee-lb group Debian-snmp mode 660 level user


    Debian/Ubuntu runs snmpd as Debian-snmp.

  3. Restart HAProxy.

  4. Restart snmpd.


There is nothing to configure for this software, as the package provides its configuration and it does not require any update.