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HAPEE Components

All components of HAPEE

The illustration below summarizes the HAPEE components in the installation package (varies based on the options you purchased):

The following table lists the components of HAPEE with a brief description of each:

Name Tool Description
hapee-1.5r2-base   Common files required by other components and sysctl.d configuration examples.
hapee-1.5r2-lb HAProxy HAProxy 1.5r2 Load-balancer with SSL, IPv6, etc.
hapee-1.5r2-log   Logs
hapee-1.5r2-cli socat Client to monitor and control the currently running HAProxy instance via its admin socket.
hapee-1.5r2-vrrp keepalived Virtual IP high-availability between nodes of a cluster
hapee-1.5r2-cli-lb   Scripts to automate socket operations on the running HAProxy instance.
hapee-1.5r2-lb-update HAProxy HAProxy Extension to allow automatic map or ACL updates download through HTTP
hapee-1.5r2-snmp net-snmp Improved SNMP daemon (64 bits counters) its socket
hapee-1.5r2-snmp-lb   Load-Balancing counters available through SNMP daemon
hapee-1.5r2-lb-sanitize HAProxy Advanced Persistent Threat Protection
hapee-1.5r2-lb-antibot HAProxy Challenge/response Antibot Protection module
hapee-1.5r2-route bird / rhi Route Health Injection

Subscription Levels

The differences between HAPEE Business and Premium subscription levels are the support hours and guaranteed response times.