HAProxy Enterprise provides the following security modules in your load balancing solution. Please refer to your Customer Portal for their installation and configuration information or click on the module name below for its documentation.

Antibot Module

The HAProxy Antibot module prevents non-legitimate HTTP clients (suspicious browsers or computers infected by malware) to have minimal negative impact on a web application.

Antibot sends JavaScript challenges to suspicious clients to help distinguish between a real user and an automated bot. It also provides efficient protection for web applications against DDoS (denial of service) attacks.


Fingerprint Module

The Fingerprinting module can identify client requests or bots even when they attempt to modify their user-agent string or through other methods.

It efficiently distinguishes real search engines from DDoS bots emulating search engines.


Sanitize Module

The Sanitize module filters and verifies HTTP methods and headers to ensure that the HTTP traffic follows a set of rules or guidelines. This can be useful to normalize HTTP traffic and secure Web applications.

With the Sanitize module configured, HAProxy checks HTTP requests against the defined rules and takes appropriate action (such as rejecting, accepting, logging, etc.).


WAF Offloader Module

The HAProxy WAF Offloader module can identify and block requests that attempt XSS or SQL injection attacks on applications running behind HAPEE. It comes with a customized list of fingerprints to detect false-positives while still providing effective protection for your applications.