HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller Documentation 1.9


Version 1.9.3 - 2023-02-10


Version 1.9.2 - 2023-02-10


  • BUILD/MINOR: go: use Go version 1.20

  • BUILD/MINOR: ci: raise docker version used in ci

  • BUG/MINOR: configsnippets from different ingresses pointing to same service

  • BUG/MINOR: wrong config state file path in external mode

  • BUG/MINOR: remove unnecessary reloads because of error files.

Version 1.9.1 - 2023-01-18


  • BUILD/MINOR: update package versions to avoid vulnerabilities

  • MINOR: Update dep with vulnerabilities

  • BUG/MINOR: don’t set srv.Cookie

  • MINOR: Automatically set GOMAXPROCS to match pod CPU quotas

Version 1.9.0 - 2022-10-24


  • BUILD/MAJOR: ci: change latest branch to 1.9

  • DOC/MAJOR: update doc to reflect latest version

  • MINOR: removal of unused ingresschan

  • DOC/MEDIUM: #489 allow multiple rewrites in single annotation

  • MEDIUM: config: #489 allow multiple rewrites in single annotation

  • CLEANUP/MINOR: format test yaml files

  • MEDIUM: crd: leave support for v1alpha1 crds

  • MEDIUM: cr: Update global, defaults and backend Custom Resource Definitions to v1alpha2

  • MINOR: cr: Update helper script for CR spec

  • MINOR: cr: fix plural name of defaults CR

  • BUG/MINOR: properly set default value for queue timeout

  • BUG/MAJOR: set hard-stop-after with default value of 30m

  • TEST: ci: add additional info on CI for number of parallel tests

  • BUILD/MEDIUM: ci: update k8s version to v1.25.2

  • MINOR: set src-ip-header on default backend

  • BUILD/MAJOR: haproxy: upgrade release to 2.6

  • BUILD/MAJOR: raise minimum Go version to 1.19

  • BUG/MINOR: upgrade golang.org/x/sys and golang.org/x/net modules

  • BUG/MINOR: ci: add push rule to all jobs

  • TEST: ci: in scheduled mode, run only one k8s cluster per time

  • TEST: gitlab: increase artefact expiration time

  • CLEANUP/MINOR: s6: do not double stop signal

  • TEST/MINOR: ci: combine two tags for go parallel testing

  • BUG/MINOR: s6: React to SIGUSR1 when pod is getting deleted

  • TEST: ci: extract https tests to separate ci job on github

  • BUG/MINOR: e2e: use correct configmap.yaml file

  • BUILD: ci: speed up ci with parallel start e2e stages

  • BUG/MINOR: service: do not override service status

  • DOC/MINOR: add a missing licence to file

  • TEST/MEDIUM: Use the builtin HTTP server as default backend

  • TEST: Fix failing e2e tests with kubernetes < v1.23

  • MEDIUM: Add Cgroups v1 and v2 limits to MEMLIMIT and GOMEMLIMIT calculation

  • TEST/MAJOR: Use networking.k8s.io/v1 instead of v1beta1

  • BUG/MINOR: avoid hard restarts when using a Global CRD

  • DOC/MINOR: Upgrade Ingress API version in Canary example

  • TEST: modification of custom resource poc integration test

  • MEDIUM: Add GOMEMLIMIT support and switch Go runtime to 1.19

  • TEST: add non regression test for use_backend multiplication

  • MINOR: add event processed channel to monitoring

  • BUG: BackendSwitchingRuleDeleteAll does not delete all rules

  • BUG: fix ssl-redirect precedence order with configmap and ingress

  • BUG/MINOR: Prevent unnecessary reloads when cookie-persistence is enabled

  • DOC/MEDIUM: add http-connection-mode and deprecate http-server-close and http-keep-alive

  • MEDIUM: merge HTTPConnectionMode annotations into one.

  • BUG/MINOR: triggers a reload if an Ingress is deleted

  • BUG: fixes ssl passthrough disable redirect

  • BUG: fixes error on recreation of default local backend

  • MINOR: add trace logs for endpoints and servers

  • BUG/MINOR: prevents unnecessary reloading when the attribute client-ca is not used.

  • MINOR: fixes log message

  • MINOR: copies controller binary last, to favor caching and speed up the image build

  • BUG/MINOR: prevents unecessary restart when using multiple syslog servers

  • MINOR: allow custom ports for local peer, stats and healthz

  • BUG/MINOR: fix segfault because ingressclass API is absent (pre v1.18 k8s)

  • BUG/MINOR: process multiple backends per service

  • BUG/MINOR: Add -m to HAProxy arguments to set memory limit to 2/3 of RAM

  • BUG/MINOR: fix missing pidfile reconfiguration when in external mode

  • BUG/MINOR: fix missing pidfile reconfiguration when in external mode

  • BUG: this commit fixes issues: ip addresses of ingresses updating, creation of ingress delayed

  • BUG: this commit fixes issues: ip addresses of ingresses updating, creation of ingress delayed

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