HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller Documentation 1.7


The changelog shows you an in-depth list of changes included in this version of HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

Version 1.7.12-ee2 - 2023-05-11


  • EE: MINOR: settings for deep comparison to consider nil and empty as the same

Version 1.7.12-ee1 - 2023-01-24


Version 1.7.11-ee12 - 2023-01-24


  • EE: BUG/MINOR: preserve reloads for snippets

Version 1.7.11-ee11 - 2023-01-18


  • EE: MEDIUM: ci: add more memory to IC POD

  • MINOR: keep ssl and ssl-passthrough active together

  • BUG/MINOR: config snippet validation more flexible regexp

Version 1.7.11-ee10 - 2022-12-01


  • EE: BUG/MINOR: handle two formats of error messages in backend configsnippet

  • EE: BUG/MINOR: update frontend and global configsnippet even if no change

Version 1.7.11-ee9 - 2022-11-21


  • EE: BUG/MINOR: adding goproxy env variables for the gitlab CI

  • EE: BUILD/MINOR: support for docker build tags

  • EE: TEST/MINOR: testing AWS LicenseManager business logic

  • EE: MINOR: AWS License Manager integration

  • EE: MAJOR: add configuration file option

Version 1.7.11-ee8 - 2022-09-12


  • BUG: purge systematically backend and secrets processed

  • EE: MEDIUM: add config snippet validation

Version 1.7.11-ee7 - 2022-08-26


  • EE: BUG: deletion of modsecurity filter when secret does not exist

Version 1.7.11-ee6 - 2022-08-25


  • EE: BUG: permits to change modsecurity for a service

Version 1.7.11-ee5 - 2022-08-17


  • MINOR: modify filter modsecurity identifier naming to accomodate parsing rule.

Version 1.7.11-ee4 - 2022-08-04


  • TEST: add modsecurity service tests

  • MINOR: add service modsecurity annotation support

  • MINOR: modsec uses map files

  • TEST: add modsec with mapfiles e2e tests

  • MINOR: modsec uses map files

Version 1.7.11-ee3 - 2022-06-30


  • MINOR: add trace logs for endpoints and servers.

Version 1.7.11-ee2 - 2022-06-17


  • BUG/MINOR: process multiple backends per service

Version 1.7.11-ee1 - 2022-06-01


  • BUG: this commit fixes issues: ip addresses of ingresses updating, creation of ingress delayed

Version 1.7.10-ee2 - 2022-04-22


  • TEST: add CORS configmap e2e tests

  • TEST: add CORS e2e tests

  • BUG: fix removed ACL condition in CORS configuration

  • BUG: reenable cors-allow-credentials annotation

  • BUG: fix reloading haproxy when deletion of rules

  • MINOR: add setting for channels size

  • BUG: fix ingress status at creation

Version 1.7.10-ee1 - 2022-04-12


  • BUG: fix the name of cors-allow-methods annotation

Version 1.7.9-ee1 - 2022-04-12


  • DOC: Add initial custom resource documentation

  • BUG/MINOR: remove backend cfgSnippet state when backend is deleted

  • BUG: fix missing cors-enable annotation treatment

Version 1.7.7-ee3 - 2022-03-22


  • EE: BUG: fix for correct equality comparison for PeerEntry model

Version 1.7.7-ee2 - 2022-03-17


  • EE: BUG/MINOR: remove false errors in modsec annotation

Version 1.7.7-ee1 - 2022-03-16


  • MEDIUM: Don’t skip any Ingress event

  • BUG/MINOR: Fix skipped reloads when processing tcp services.

  • BUG/MINOR: Don’t initialize Backend.DefaultServer when not used

  • MINOR: make scale-server-slots annotation available at all scopes

  • BUG/MINOR: Don’t override default-server params in ExternalName services.

  • BUG/MINOR: fix frontends management with rules

  • MINOR: expect any podname format in GetPodPrefix

Version 1.7.6-ee3 - 2022-03-16


  • EE: BUG/MINOR: modsec: Fix conflicting directories

  • EE: BUG/MEDIUM: modsec: Fix reload state

Version 1.7.6-ee2 - 2022-03-07


  • EE: MINOR: modify peers management

  • MINOR: wait for started process with Run call

Version 1.7.6-ee1 - 2022-03-02


  • BUG/MINOR: fixes ingressclass comparison in modification case

  • TEST/MINOR: Prevent nil pointer dereference.

  • MINOR: add client-strict-sni annotation

  • BUG/MINOR: fixes podprefix test in maxconn calculation after names changed with Helm naming adoption.

  • MINOR: Accept patternfiles in whitelist/blacklists

  • BUG/MINOR: test: haproxy-ingress is in haproxy-controller namespace

  • BUG/MINOR: sync default backend name with config argument

  • BUG/MINOR: sync cm name with config argument

Version 1.7.5-ee1 - 2022-01-31


  • BUG/MEDIUM: ssl-passthrough: Fix default delay value

Version 1.7.4-ee2 - 2022-01-20


  • EE: BUG/MEDIUM: waf: fix out of range index

  • DOC/MINOR: update cookie-persistence to describe current implementation

Version 1.7.4-ee1 - 2022-01-17


  • BUG/MINOR: Fix an incorrect lookup of the Endpoints corresponding to a Service Port

  • BUG/MINOR: EndpointSlices: ignore non ready endpoints

  • TEST: Add e2e test for non ready endpoints

  • MINOR: skip default service check if absent

  • BUG/MEDIUM: do not pull echo image from dockerhub, build it locally

  • EE: BUG/MEDIUM: waf: fix nil pointer dereference when modsec is used at configmap

Version 1.7.3-ee2 - 2021-12-16


  • EE: MINOR: add peers management

  • BUG/MINOR: ingress rule default frontend

  • MINOR: switch default namespace to haproxy-controller in yaml files

  • MINOR: sync k8s resources names with Helm project

Version 1.7.3-ee1 - 2021-12-01


  • BUG/MINOR: Fix nil pointer dereference in IngressServiceBackend

  • TEST/MEDIUM: e2e: Retry upon connection failures

  • TEST: add e2e test for proxy-proctol on haproxy side

  • TEST: Add e2e test for errorfiles and patternfiles

  • TEST: e2e: merge DeployYamlTemplate and DeployYalm methods into Apply

  • TEST: e2e: fix https offload to check the right certificate

  • REORG/MINOR: split ErrorFiles handler in smaller functions

  • BUG/MINOR: when ConfigMap is removed, corresponding annotations should be deleted

  • BUG/MEDIUM: Fix inconsistent processing of haproxy files

  • BUG/MEDIUM: Fix relative path of haproxy files.

  • MINOR: fix zombie haproxy process in direct control mode

  • REORG/MINOR: Group informers per resource types

  • BUG/MINOR: Check for EndpointSlicesMirroring before ignoring Endpoints.

Version 1.7.2-ee1 - 2021-11-12


  • EE: MAJOR: add support for WAF

  • EE: MINOR: add init EE modules option

  • EE: BUILD: update go mod and sum

  • EE: BUILD/MAJOR: use hapee as base for controller

  • EE: DOC/MINOR: update readme and ee log info

  • EE: DOC/MINOR: enable generating ee docs

  • EE: BUILD: ci: allow EE commits, add credentials for hapee registry

  • BUILD/MINOR: ci: build nightly images only on original repo

  • BUILD/MINOR: Enable linters in deploy/test dir

  • DOC/MINOR: Add goreport badge

  • REORG/MINOR: reduce complexity in function called ‘supported’

  • DOC: Add Ingress Controller version to main doc page

  • BUG/MINOR: Fix ingress accepted with ingressClassName set to unexisting ingressclass.

  • BUG/MINOR: Fix nil pointer dereference in Ingress PathType

  • BUG/MINOR: Fix configuration of backend model

  • DOC: Add an IngressClass section

  • BUG/MINOR: Fix IngressClass filtering

  • BUG/MEDIUM: Update only status of assigned Ingress resources

  • REORG: move Ingress handler in a seperate pacakge

  • REORG: Reorganize service handler in controller/service

  • BUG/MINOR: restart haproxy when aux config file added

  • BUILD/MEDIUM: Go: update version to Go 1.17

  • BUILD/MINOR: gitlab: update go version in e2e tests

  • BUILD/MINOR: update client-go library to v0.22.2

  • BUILD/MINOR: update client-native nad config-parser libraries

  • REORG/MINOR: move haproxy certs under haproxy/certs

  • REORG/MINOR: move haproxy rules under haproxy/rules

  • REORG/MINOR: move haproxy maps to haproxy/maps

  • DOC: add contributors and license badges

  • MINOR: CR: Remove ‘nullable: false’ from CRDs

  • BUG/MINOR: Fix backend runtime sync

  • BUILD/MINOR: rbac: Set resources to endpointslices in discovery.k8s.io

  • MINOR: use undercore instead of hyphen for backend names

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