HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller Documentation 1.4

Upgrade to this version of the ingress controller in on-premises Kubernetes

NOTE: Use this procedure if you have an HAProxy Enterprise license key.

If you installed the ingress controller using Helm, then you can use the helm upgrade command to upgrade to version 1.4. Helm will initiate a rolling update, wherein it waits for the new ingress controller pods to start up before terminating the old ingress controller pods. That way, there is no break in service.

To perform the upgrade:

  • When calling helm upgrade, pass all arguments that you previously used when installing the ingress controller, including your license key, but set controller.image.tag to v1.4.

     $ helm upgrade haproxy-kubernetes-ingress haproxytech/kubernetes-ingress \
         --create-namespace \
         --namespace haproxy-controller \
         --set controller.imageCredentials.registry=kubernetes-registry.haproxy.com \
         --set controller.imageCredentials.username=<KEY> \
         --set controller.imageCredentials.password=<KEY> \
         --set controller.image.repository=kubernetes-registry.haproxy.com/hapee-ingress \
         --set controller.image.tag=v1.4

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