HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.8r1

Launch the HAProxy Enterprise AMI

In this section, you will create an HAProxy Enterprise server in AWS by launching it from the AWS Marketplace.

AWS supported regions

We support the following regions for deploying the HAProxy Enterprise AMI:

US East (N. Virginia)

EU (Frankfurt)

Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)

Africa (Cape Town)

US East (Ohio)

EU (Zurich)

Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Canada (Central)

US West (N. California)

EU (Ireland)

Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Middle East (Bahrain)

US West (Oregon)

EU (London)

Asia Pacific (Jakarta)

Middle East (UAE)

EU (Stockholm)

Asia Pacific (Melbourne)

South America (Sao Paulo)

EU (Milan)

Asia Pacific (Seoul)

EU (Spain)

Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)

Launch the AMI from the marketplace

Create an HAProxy Enterprise server from the HAProxy Enterprise AMI:

  1. From the AWS Marketplace, choose your desired version of the HAProxy Enterprise Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Options exist for Ubuntu Server edition and Red Hat Enterprise Linux edition.

  2. Click Continue to Subscribe to start a subscription to the HAProxy Enterprise software.

  3. Review the pricing and license details, then click Continue to Configuration.

  4. On the Configure this Software screen, set the following fields:



    example value

    Fulfillment option

    The type of procedure used for launching the AMI in your environment.

    64-bit (x86) Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

    Software version

    The version of HAProxy Enterprise to launch.

    2.8r1-20230215 (Feb 16, 2023)


    The AWS region where you created your VPC.

    US East (Ohio) / us-east-2

  5. Click Continue to launch.

  6. On the Launch this software screen, set the following fields:



    example value

    Choose an action

    How to launch the AMI.

    Launch from Website

    EC2 instance type

    Choose an instance type with at least 4 CPUs and 4 GB RAM, but larger as needed.


    VPC settings

    Choose the VPC ID from the VPC you created earlier.


    Subnet settings

    Choose one of the public subnets that was created inside the VPC.


    Security group settings

    Use the security group settings provided by the seller. You may want to change the Source value for ports 9022 and 9023, which represent the Real-time Dashboard, and port 22, which represents SSH, to be your public IPv4 address instead of Anywhere, to allow connections only from your IP address for SSH access and accessing the dashboard.

    Create new based on seller settings

    Key pair settings

    Create an SSH key pair or use an existing key pair for connecting to EC2 instances.

  7. Click Launch.

Create an elastic IP address

To associate a public, elastic IP address with your HAProxy Enterprise instance:

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console.

  2. From the EC2 Dashboard, click Elastic IPs, then Allocate Elastic IP address.

  3. On the Allocate Elastic IP address screen, click Allocate.

  4. From the EC2 Dashboard, go to Elastic IPs, select the elastic IP from the list and open its settings.

  5. Click Associate Elastic IP address.

  6. Choose your HAProxy Enterprise instance from the list.

  7. Click Associate.

Connect to the HAProxy Enterprise instance

During installation, you configured an SSH key pair that you can use to connect to the EC2 instance.

  1. If necessary, change the permissions of your private key:

    Change the permissions on your private key.

    $ chmod 600 my-private-key.pem
  2. To get the public IPv4 address of the instance, open the Amazon EC2 console.

  3. From the EC2 Dashboard, go to Instances and select the HAProxy Enterprise instance from the list. Copy its public IPv4 address.

  4. Connect to the HAProxy Enterprise instance through its public IP address:

    $ ssh -i my-private-key.pem ubuntu@
    $ ssh -i my-private-key.pem ec2-user@

Next up

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