HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.4r1

Overview of HAProxy Enterprise in AWS

HAProxy Enterprise is a Layer 7 load balancer that many people use to achieve high availability, security, and observability for their applications running in AWS EC2. You can use it as a replacement for other, cloud-based load balancers or in conjunction with Amazon Network Load Balancer for extra redundancy.

Common deployment patterns

The table below lists several common ways to deploy HAProxy Enterprise in AWS.

Deployment pattern


A single HAProxy Enterprise load balancer

A single HAProxy Enterprise instance distributing traffic to web applications. This design does not include redundancy at the load balancing tier, but is useful for non-production workloads or applications that do not require extra redundancy that you would get by deploying two load balancers.

Two HAProxy Enterprise load balancers and AWS NLB

Two HAProxy Enterprise instances distributing traffic to web applications. An AWS Network Load Balancer load balances traffic to these two load balancers, giving you redundancy at the load balancing tier.

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