HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.3r1


HAProxy Enterprise 2.3r1 is distributed through the Operating System package manager for the following BSD distributions:

Install HAProxy Enterprise 2.3r1 on FreeBSD
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Install HAProxy Enterprise

The following procedure adds package repositories and installs HAProxy Enterprise 2.3r1. After the installation, you can install additional components to get the most out of your load balancer.

  1. Run the following command on the server where you would like to install HAProxy Enterprise, replacing <HAProxy Enterprise Key> with the key you were given when you registered.

    $ curl -s https://www.haproxy.com/static/install_haproxy_enterprise.sh | \
       sudo bash /dev/stdin 2.3r1 <HAProxy Enterprise key>

    To verify the integrity of the script before installing, download it and its hash to a local directory:

    Then run these commands to verify the checksum of the script:

    $ gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 0xCA2DF14657C5A207
    $ gpg --verify ./install_haproxy_enterprise.sh.sha512.asc
  2. Start HAProxy Enterprise:

    $ sudo service hapee_23_lb onestart

Install additional modules

HAProxy Enterprise comes with additional native and third-party modules like the Real-time Dashboard. See all available packages.

Search for additional modules

$ sudo pkg search -g -r 'HAPEE23R1' '*'
$ sudo pkg search -g -r 'HAPEEEXTRAS' '*'

Install a module

$ sudo pkg install hapee-2.3r1-lb-update

See other parts of this documentation for instructions on how to enable and configure each package.

Locate installed directories

HAProxy Enterprise files are installed following these rules:

  • Binaries and documentation are in /usr/local/opt/hapee-2.3/

      |-- bin
      |-- dev
      |-- doc
      |-- modules
      |-- sbin
      |-- version
  • Configuration is installed in /usr/local/etc/hapee-2.3/

      |-- hapee-lb.cfg
  • init scripts are installed in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

      |-- hapee_23_lb

Configure HAProxy Enterprise

After you complete the installation, you can configure HAProxy Enterprise using the instructions in the Configuration section from the left-hand menu bar.

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