HAProxy Enterprise Edition (HAPEE) is a version of the open-source HAProxy Load Balancer that features additional modules, supported third-party components, and technical support. It also backports all bug fixes.

HAPEE includes the following components:

  • HAProxy load balancer (hapee-lb)
  • ACL update module (lb-update)
  • Security Modules: Antibot, Fingerprint, Sanitize, WAF Offloader
  • Stick table aggregator
  • Real time dashboard
  • Third-party components (RHI, SNMP, and VRRP)

Getting Started

OS and Hardware Requirements
Build and configure the server or the virtual machine
Pre-installation Checklist
Gather all required information about your network and facilitate your installation – process
Installation or Upgrade
Follow these instructions to install HAPEE


Perform system tuning
Tune your system to handle high traffic levels (if required)
Configure VRRP
Implement the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (if required)
Configure HAPEE-LB
Consult the documentation set for the HAProxy load-balancer (HAPEE-LB) to guide you through the workings of this core component
Configure SNMP
Install and configure the SNMP daemon for HAPEE (if required)
Configure RHI
Implement Route Health Injection (if required)
Enable HAPEE daemons on startup
Use HAPEE services and daemons with init and systemd

Traffic Management

Perform health checks
Configure and perform health checks for your server services
Configure TLS
Configure HAPEE for Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Rewrite HTTP requests, methods, or headers
Change a request as it moves between the client and the backends transparently
Redirect HTTP requests
Send 3xx redirects to clients
Log format rules
Customize the log format
Generate alerts
Configure event-based alerts
Fetch data samples
Extract data from traffic streams, client or server information, tables, environmental information, etc.
Set up ACLs
Provide a flexible access solution based on content extracted from the request, the response, or any environmental status
Compress HTTP traffic
Compress the body of a response before it is forwarded to a client

Configuration API Reference

HAPEE has a configuration API that you can access either via the command line or a restful interface in order to add or modify the HAProxy configuration.

Command line API
Access and use the configuration API via the command line
Access and use the configuration API via a restful interface

HAPEE Load Balancer Documentation (1.7r1)

This documentation set covers HAPEE-LB, the core load-balancing component of HAPEE. It contains the following guides:

Configuration Manual
A reference guide with details on all configuration keywords and their options. Use this guide when you need to change a configuration.
Starter Guide
This guide explains the basics of load balancing and the HAProxy product.
Management Guide
This guide describes the regular operation and management of HAProxy.