HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.4r1


The aggregations section is part of HAProxy Enterprise's Stick Table Aggregator module functionality.

The Stick Table Aggregator is similar to the peers feature, except that unlike peers it combines stick table data from multiple nodes rather than overwrite it. It is designed for active-active clustering of load balancers. The peers feature, in contrast, is meant for active-standby clustering only.

To use the Stick Table Aggregator, install the hapee-extras-stktagg package.

The following aggregations block contains peer entries for each of the load balancer hosts whose tables are being aggregated. It also contains a peer entry for the aggregation host itself, which is where this configuration file and the hapee-extras-stktagg package reside.

aggregations AGGR
   peer loadbalancer1
   peer loadbalancer2
   peer agghost local
   from .local to .aggr

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